Friday, 11 November 2011

WOW, it's all happening !

What a mad day!

the lovely people from wrote a piece on us ( )  we are really happy to have a site we respect so much write about our little project !

Also today we have got the go ahead form kickstarter,  to get  project black mirror up there,  now all we need to do is set up an US business.. eeek ! ( anyone know how to set up a business in the US ?)

all in all we are pretty hyped! I don't know about you but I think we have earned a beer this Friday night !

Cheers !


  1. Hey guys, amazing project. You should also try it for Android (I would see the community really supporting it). If you need any help in setting up the Kickstarter project let me know: I live in the US. Also if you need help in putting the message accross, a nicer video, social media let me know.

  2. Amazing! This could bring back hats... I'd like my brain scanner mounted in a nice fedora, please.

  3. Hey guys I think what your doing is amazing and I would like to help in anyway I have a fairly popular YouTube with almost 5,000 subscribers if you could shoot me a email it would be great anyway I can help. if you could put Project Black Mirror in the subject it would be great! Thanks you guys are game changers!

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  6. I'm one of the founders, and the COO of InteraXon ( a thought-controlled computing company in Toronto, Canada, and world-leaders in experience design for brain-computer interfaces.

    I think this looks, to be blunt, impossible. And I have doubts about its authenticity.

    For one, the way you've described EEG data collection doesn't seem relate in any meaningful way to how brainwaves are actually collected. If you've simplified for the lay audience, perhaps you'd care to elabaorate to substantiate your claim.

    Also I'd be very interested to see a demo where the system does arbitrary commands on video at the prompting of a neutral observer.

    If I'm mistaken, and you've made some extraordinary leap in the technology then you have my sincerest apologies.

    If that's the case, we'd love to know more about your work and will be more than happy to encourage you in success as you join us and other companies that are working to build a thought-controlled future.

    If this is a hoax, you should know that you are damaging the work of a great many people who are doing their best to bring this revolutionary technology to market. I'd certainly advise you to make sure you can back up your claims *before* you start taking people's money.


    -Trevor Coleman

  7. Trevor, if you're so concerned, wait until they incorporate and then sue them for patent infringement (I'm sure you're holding quite a few patents). Otherwise, just let them run the Kickstarter campaign which, at the very least, will bring publicity to the field. And trust me IT WILL bring publicity - after all, we're talking about the killer cocktail here: Kickstarter + AppleRelatedProduct. In conclusion... A rising tide lifts all boats.

  8. that was a piece of innovation at task... Kudos to all those who've been working down this project. And now, I see this as a future to the mode of communication... Just work by thinking ! Thats a milestone !

    With Regards,

  9. Flix, the reason I'm concerned is because if this does turn out to be a hoax, it makes it a lot more difficult for us to communicate with consumers, partners and investors about what is actually possible with EEG-based BCI technology.

    We already have enough disinformation to combat coming from science fiction without people deliberately misleading the public.

    Promising things that the technology can't deliver sets up unreasonable expectations and creates an uphill battle for the people and products that really have the potential to fundamentally reshape our interactions with technology.

    I'd be happier than anyone if this turns out to be not a hoax. It would mean that a lot of our 10 and 15 year projections could become 6 month projections.

    Unofrtunately, I can't quite make that leap. Altough they might follow up with more information that could prove me wrong. We'll have to see. As it is though, I can't see that happening.

    If someone really had invented something like this, they wouldn't be posting it on youtube, they'd be meeting with their patent attorney and raising legit VC money to build it into a product. Honestly, if this was a real thing they could raise $10M overnight. They wouldn't need to crowdsource.

    I've been working with this technology since 2007. We have a team of engineers here who have been working with it since 2003. We know the state of the art. The claims that are presented here don't jive with our understanding of what's possible, and the technical implementation seems to be non-operational.

  10. Dear black project whatever, lol, I am deeply interested in funding your project.

  11. Shortly after they made the original posts I pointed out that this is a fraud. The SpeakJet chip is not wired up to anything at all (the way it is positioned on the prototyping board merely shorts out all the pins). There are lots of other reasons to be suspicious but as someone who has actually designed circuits using the SpeakJet the above is sufficient for me to reject this claimed project.

  12. I agree with Trevor and Philip, this is clearly a hoax. Anyone who has ever worked with a SpeakJet chip can see that it is not wired to anything as Philip points out.

    I feel sorry for anyone who supports this sham of a project.

  13. I totally and completely agree with Trevor Coleman and philip-galanter. These guys are FRAUDS!!!

    Anyone doubting this should take a look at the following link:

  14. Wow! Lots of jelousi here! I believe you, Ollie & Jason! Just like the tin foil hat experiment shows, some brains are more conductive, have a sympathetic frequency with the Siri thing, tuned to game/mind control mode, etc etc Don't let those corporate naysayers deter you guys, just bear in mind that there's a LOT of peeps don't want this tech to come out..and, Trevor Coleman & stooges, haven't you heard of the Singularity? Oh and btw, it's not all good, either. Science fiction has a lot to be thanked for, it's the corporate suits who wish to profit and control we should be wary of (this includes Woz)
    If nothing, please contact the producers of The Big Bang Theory, they could write you guys into a whole series. Good Luck. May the force....

  15. @Trevor: See, the whole thing is getting a lot of publicity already... even though it is, in fact, a hoax. Unfortunately, hoax + Kickstarter = fraud.

    @Philip and @Quelly: You don't even need any "SpeakJet experience". Anyone who ever worked with a breadboard (including me) should have noticed that the chip's pins are shorted in pairs of two.

    @Ollie and @Josh: Scrap this blog in its entirety. Your future reputation management efforts will be a lot easier.

  16. @jane: With all respect, ARE YOU BLIND OR RATHER A RETARD?

  17. @DBZ: The subject is technologically challenging. Forgive Jane; her heart truly is in the right place.

  18. i accidentally gave a command to siri just by thinking about reminding my dad something...i hav no gear and i didn't talk at all how is this possible u guys are the experts.