Thursday, 10 November 2011

Project Black Mirror: Lets get some funding !

You may have noticed we think this Project we have been working on is pretty freaking cool.  Now we have decided to see if we can take it to the next level and see if we can get some funding to be able to take this to market. Last night we recorded this video, to submit to Kickstarter.

So everyone cross their fingers, with a little luck, and some funding this could change the way we interact with not only siri, but all devices !


  1. I am interested in your project. Email me projectblackmirror at asap.

  2. Oh my GOD, I really like your project guys. Hope that it will be more easy to use, beacause it necesits a lot of things

    Good luck ;)

  3. Quick question? How are you amplifying the EEG signals before feeding them into the arduino? I ask because all of the neuroscience researchers I've talked to say you need an amplifier roughly the size of a VCR to bring the signals up to levels at which they can be analyzed. If you've found a way to just plug wires from the electrode pads into the analog inputs on an arduino that would be quite the breakthrough. Also is there any chance you'd be willing to demo your code for separating the brain activity on the EEG from noise created by environmental effects and muscle movements since I'm sure you know that something as small as an eye blink creates an electrical impulse at the scalp which dwarfs the majority of the brain's electrical signals when measured through the skull.

  4. i think that is fake or for fun because i didn't see any thing connect to the iphone to make it work

  5. i think that's only a great fake
    i think this kind of work is not too easy to do...
    watch the macbook's screen, there's a windows like matrix , wtf ? where's the link ?

  6. i don't think it's fake. It's pretty easy to train a supervised method that match the neural patterns with a pre-selected set of words. If you guys are seriously doing this, try the "Random Forests" inductive method.