Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It’s tricky to master

Here’s a little video of Graham trying to use the set-up, as you can see he hasn’t be spent enough time training his brain,… which is vital so that we can match the brain waves.  As you can see this tech is still pretty sketchy as it takes a lot of practice and even then it doesn’t always do what you want, it’s a constantly evolving /refining process.


  1. Just a reminder to anyone reading along that the demo videos were faked. There are technical observations anyone can make to confirm this. For example, the SpeakJet chip isn't connected to anything, and the voltage levels (if any) from the sensors would be insufficient for the Arduino A/D converters.

  2. Philip, I'm really glad you're putting these comments up. Still waiting for this to be unmasked as viral marketing.

    Or I'll end up eating crow, either way.

  3. "I don't really know any good jokes."

    This video is purporting to let us in on the gag, right? That this was all a joke? Why isn't anyone picking up on this?

  4. My money is on it being a viral campaign for Channel 4's new mini-series on the ubiquity of technology and gadgets in our lives (written by Charlie Brooker) - called "Black Mirror"